White Hairs and Colorful Lies

There are certain cultural mores in American society. Every person in every age grouping is expected to perform certain tasks or talk about and act a certain way about things. This is particularly true of womxn* of a certain age, yes, those of us who identify as womxn have some extra things to take careContinue reading “White Hairs and Colorful Lies”

Ubuntu: I am because we are

Growing up, and being philosophically trained in the Western world, means that one has heard, on many occasions, the wisdom passed down by Rene Descartes: “I think therefore I am.” Descartes began from a point of “complete” skepticism. Doubting everything around him as well as his own existence. His goal was to justify existence. WhyContinue reading “Ubuntu: I am because we are”

The Seeds of Food Injustice: The Connection of Colonization and Food Injustice in North America

The modern food justice movement began in 1996. Food justice aims to ensure the benefits and risks of what we eat, where it comes from, how it is grown, produced, distributed, accessed (including access to culturally important foods), and eaten are shared equally. It seeks to transform the current food system in order to eliminateContinue reading “The Seeds of Food Injustice: The Connection of Colonization and Food Injustice in North America”

Pandemic Panic

People across the world are panicking over COVID-19 (the coronavirus). This panic has been pushed along by the media. This panic has led to people abandoning reason, thoughtfulness, and compassion. These are the exact things which we need to maintain during such an event as a pandemic. I have seen shelves of soap, toilet paper,Continue reading “Pandemic Panic”

Colonialism and White Supremacy*

In order to find a link between colonialism and racism we do not have to look very hard. White supremacy survives and thrives in colonial states even today, as we try harder and harder to show that white supremacy is wrong and damaging to everyone. When Columbus first came to the Americas, he clearly sawContinue reading “Colonialism and White Supremacy*”

Colonialism & Sexism*

When we talk about colonialism and all the issues it brings, we encounter many critics who argue that the problem of sexism is separate and distinct from colonialism and thus, they require separate treatment. Sexism, not unlike the idea that humans are independent and unattached, is viewed as an island. Such islands are treated asContinue reading “Colonialism & Sexism*”

Colonization and Its Troubling Foundations*

In our turbulent times there are so many problems that need to be addressed. So many issues that need to be considered and a great many changes that need to be made. We see North America, namely the U.S. and Canada devolving. Sexism, racism, ableism, homophobia, violent crimes, and lies plague our society. Yet, howContinue reading “Colonization and Its Troubling Foundations*”

The 31 Days of Halloween

For some time, many of us “horror enthusiast” have been honoring the Halloween season (early Autumn to October 31st) by watching a different horror movie every night in October. Hence, the name 31 days of Halloween. There are formal schedules released by different television networks, websites, and organizations, however, most of us watch what weContinue reading “The 31 Days of Halloween”

If you do not have $7000 you might as well go blind

In my mid 20s, I was diagnosed with cataracts in my left eye. At the time, it did not interfere with my vision. Unfortunately as time creeped by the cataract in my left eye progressed further and further. Until finally it swallowed my left eye leaving me legally blind in that eye.  Now in myContinue reading “If you do not have $7000 you might as well go blind”

When did we stop getting excited to have cake for breakfast?

There has been a time in all of our young lives when we resolved that when we became adults, and could thus do what we want, we would eat cake (or whatever your favorite treat is) for breakfast. And there was not a darn thing anyone could do about it! Take that mom & dadContinue reading “When did we stop getting excited to have cake for breakfast?”

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